Chicago Bulls Still a Championship team without Star Player, Derrick Rose

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Dedication, Teamwork

Recently the Chicago Bulls have been doing very well without there star player, Derrick Rose. Much credit goes out to the team for putting in that hard work and dedication on playing well with each other and beating good ranked teams. Much credit goes out to coach Thibodeau who has been making excellent rotations with he players we have and also a couple of good trades and drafts that they have chosen in the off-season. This year we have lost Brewer, Korver and Scalibrine as players on the bulls but we got Bellineli, Robinson and Butler, and in my opinion has been playing really well in games agaisnt tough opponents as he help Kobe Bryant to only 15 points when we played the lakers and came out victorious in that game.

The Bulls have are currently in fifth place in the eastern conference just behind Brooklyn, Indiana, New York and Miami who all have their star players healthy and playing in each of their games. The Bulls have been playing with a championship on their mind each and every night. They play there hearts out because they know that once their star player, Derrick Rose, plans on coming back soon within a couple of weeks and then they can take on the whole NBA with no regrets in their mind and showcase their abilities as a team to face top ranked contenders for the title as he playoffs are coming soon.

The return of Derrick Rose has been on the minds of many Bulls fans and NBA fans around the world as he was one of the most electrifying and well-rounded scorer the NBA had to offer. He makes the United Center sold out or very close to it every time he is on the court. He brings that champion heart and determination to the Bulls and everyone on the teams steps it up when he is playing on the court. I believe that as soon as his return will be we can fight for the number one spot in the eastern conference and get the home-field adavnatage for the playoffs, the rest of the teams don’t stand a chance when he returns as most of the teams struggle agaisnt us without him, you can just imagine how it will be when he comes back.


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