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This past Monday, February 18, 2013; was a very sad day in the sports world. The famous majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers past away due to cancer. He had been batteling cancer for the past two years, and the battle came to an end at the age of 80 for the great champion and entertaining owner. Jerry Buss has been known for putting together the high caliber teams to bring the ultimate entertainment to the city of Los Angeles. He also was the one who brought the famous and gourgeous Laker girls to perform at the halftime at all of the home games. He will always be remembered by his players as the greatest owner, as he served more than just an owner relationship to each of his players. He was a good friend with each of his players, a good mentor and wonderful owner. He will also be remembered by his family as a loving and caring father to his kids and a great husband to his wife.

Jerry Buss started to become very famous when he took over the majority of the Los Angeles Lakers and drafted the best players to form an ultimate championship caliber team. He started the whole showtime era with his best player Magic Johnson and James Worthy. He created that team and they won their first championship that year he took onwership exactly ten months after. He wouldn’t stop their, after the showtime era with Magic Johnson, came the Kobe Bryant era which he drafted him staright out of high school as he saw the vision that Kobe can make his team championship once again. Along with Shaquille O’neal and head coach Phil Jackson, they went on to win five more championships to the city of Angels.

Jerry Buss was more than just an onwer, he brought exicitment and action along with the type of basketball he wanted to see be played in his arena. He made the Lakers brand as popular as it is today. Without his vision or spirit the Lakers would not be as famous as they are today. He would bring together the best players on the team to bring that championship spirit to the city. He will always be remembered as the greatest owner in sports. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.


Yesterday was one of the most famous birthdays in the sports world to every sports fan out there. Not only was it the NBA all star game and the all star weekend, but the biggest all star of all time had his birthday. On February 17, Michael Jordan turned fifty years old. Michael Jordan is always remembered as one of the greatest basketball players of all time to ever play the game at the professional level. Sure there are great players that play the game today such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and many more others, but none conquered the same obstacles or toke the same road to success with the same style and dominance of Michael Jordan.

In the early days of Michael Jordan’s basketball career in high school, Mike was cut from the team as a freshmen. However that didn’t stop Michael from playing the game of basketball, instead he played it and practiced it harder. Michael’s father had found out that Mike was skipping classes to go practice in the high school’s basketball courts and had to ground him until he raised his grades to be somewhat respectable. With sophomore year coming around the corner Michael was ready to try out for the basketball team again. This year he reached a new height at 6’3 and passed all the Jordans in the family, along with a new style of play that came from practice all year long. He not only made the team, but made varsity team as a sophomore and was a starter. From that year on Michael Jordan continued to play on the varsity team and later on, in his senior year he reached the new hieght of 6’6 and got plenty of scholarship thrown his way from top ranked colleges for basketball programs but chose to stay home and went to North Carolina University.

Mikes team at North Carolina did win a championship that was led by James Worthy and Sam Perkins who also went on to play in the NBA along with Michael Jordan. North Carolina won the championship in 1982. Two years later in 1984, Michael Jordan was the number 3 overall draft pick in the NBA who was chosen by the Chicago bulls. However in the beginging of his NBA career notmany knew about Michael Jordan. Up until the year of 1987-1988 when he won back to back slam dunk contests at the all-star weekend event. However when his fame really began to outrage as the greatest player of all time is when he won his first NBA championship in 1991, but he didn’t stop there. He also won another one in 1992, and in 1993 making the first 3-peat championship. Then Mike retired from the game in 1994-1995 to go on and play baseball. He came back to the NBA in 1996 to win another championship and another 3-peat winning in 1997 and 1998. He still is the only player today to ever win two 3-peat championships in the NBA.

Michael’s dedication and determination to be the best player was unlike another player ever. He strived to be the best every year and dominated many good players in his time. He stoped many good players from getting an NBA ring. His domination in the league makes him one of the greatest players of all time to play the game.

Happy 50th birthday Michael Jordan!!

Before the NBA season started, the Los Angeles Lakes seemed to be the most promising and well improved teams on behalf of the roster changes that they had made. In the off-season the Lakers picked up center Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic and point guard Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. These two players are very dominant and talented amognst the other players in the NBA at their position. It seemed to be the perfect fit to go along with no other than the highly skilled shooting guard of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, who in my opinion is the closest player to be ranked up there with no other than greatness himself Michael Jordan.

However during the off-season the Lakers also lost a key piece that was very creditable towards their success, yet he never played a single game. That important piece was no other than the great all-time coach Phil Jackson. He was one of the greatest coaches to ever coach the game at the professional level. He always worked with the best talents the NBA had to offer, Michael Jordan and Kobe Byrant. The man has a total of eleven championship rings. That means he has more rings than he has fingers. He was a very creative coach and knew how to handle a high caliber championship material team. The process is way more harder than it seems, dealing with each player who has their own egos and personalities, they won’t always get along but he made sure that they would get along on the court to chase the ultimate goal of every team in the NBA, an NBA championship. He gave won six titles with the Chicago Bulls and led the Los Angeles Lakers to five titles.

With the famous and great head coach Phil Jackson leaving and new superstar rosters coming to the Los Angeles Lakers, trouble was heading soon to the Lakers. This season so far, the Lakers are not even in the playoff picture as they are sitting in tenth place in the western conference. They have been playing very uncharacteristic like as they have more losses than wins this season sitting under the .500 column. They aren’t playing with great teamwork as they havent had much time to get chemistry playing with one another. They have also went through two coach changes all ready and are now being coached by the ex Phoenix Suns coach Mike D’ Antoni. They have picked up the slack a little bit since the beginnging of the season and are now looking a little bit better. This will be an interesting second half season of basketball as will watch the Lakers race for a place in the playoffs which i believe will be the most challenging season they will face.

Michael Vick..A Eagle?

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Dedication, nfl, second chance

During the beginning of the NFL season, which started about a little more than a week ago; the huge topic of discussion seemed to be the future of Michael Vick. Vick, who started his professional career as a NFL quarterback as a Atlanta Falcon has overcome many obstacles that have been brought amongst him. He got caught fighting dogs and was convicted for killing many pitbulls, who had lost in a pitbull fight that would be setup by the NFL superstar himself and described it as a hobby for him and his entourage. However in the eyes of many other million Americans this is no hobby and in fact was very cruel and considered to be animal abuse.

After serving close to a two year sentence in prison Michael Vick wrote a book during his sentence and was trying to convince the NFL that he had become a different man. He realized that what he did was wrong, and that he had no words to describe his actions and seemed to be very disgusted of himself after noticing the amount of cruelty he had put on display towards the dogs. He wondered if he can get back into the NFL and get a starting position as a quarterback for a team. Sports fans around the world knew of his amazing and talented skill set that he brings to the table and any team would be considered a championship contender who would start him as quarterback.

Coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles supported Michael Vick and knew about his troubled past. However he is also a man who belives in second chance oppurtunities. He offered Vick the position to come to the Eagle as start as the quarterback. His first year back was exceptional for someone who hasn’t played in two years. However they didn’t get very far in the journey of a superbowl. This offseason head coach Andy Reid left the Eagles and went to the Kansas City Chiefs being replaced by the collge coach Chip Kelly of the Oregon Ducks.

With the new coach Chip coming in the Eagles and changing up the system and how the offense would be run, it made sports fans around the world think if he would keep Michael Vick around. This morning it was announced that coach Chip Kelly indeed kept Vick within the system as Vick was offered a one year contract for ten million dollars. Not bad for the elite quarterback who announced that he was exicted to start the new system. Vick is coming back of a injury he got within the first four games of the season this year and missed about ten games. He is ready to come back and chase his life-long goal of getting a superbowl ring.