The Lakers Not A Championship Team?

Posted: February 13, 2013 in team chemistry, Teamwork, Uncharacteristic

Before the NBA season started, the Los Angeles Lakes seemed to be the most promising and well improved teams on behalf of the roster changes that they had made. In the off-season the Lakers picked up center Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic and point guard Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. These two players are very dominant and talented amognst the other players in the NBA at their position. It seemed to be the perfect fit to go along with no other than the highly skilled shooting guard of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, who in my opinion is the closest player to be ranked up there with no other than greatness himself Michael Jordan.

However during the off-season the Lakers also lost a key piece that was very creditable towards their success, yet he never played a single game. That important piece was no other than the great all-time coach Phil Jackson. He was one of the greatest coaches to ever coach the game at the professional level. He always worked with the best talents the NBA had to offer, Michael Jordan and Kobe Byrant. The man has a total of eleven championship rings. That means he has more rings than he has fingers. He was a very creative coach and knew how to handle a high caliber championship material team. The process is way more harder than it seems, dealing with each player who has their own egos and personalities, they won’t always get along but he made sure that they would get along on the court to chase the ultimate goal of every team in the NBA, an NBA championship. He gave won six titles with the Chicago Bulls and led the Los Angeles Lakers to five titles.

With the famous and great head coach Phil Jackson leaving and new superstar rosters coming to the Los Angeles Lakers, trouble was heading soon to the Lakers. This season so far, the Lakers are not even in the playoff picture as they are sitting in tenth place in the western conference. They have been playing very uncharacteristic like as they have more losses than wins this season sitting under the .500 column. They aren’t playing with great teamwork as they havent had much time to get chemistry playing with one another. They have also went through two coach changes all ready and are now being coached by the ex Phoenix Suns coach Mike D’ Antoni. They have picked up the slack a little bit since the beginnging of the season and are now looking a little bit better. This will be an interesting second half season of basketball as will watch the Lakers race for a place in the playoffs which i believe will be the most challenging season they will face.


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