From Champion to Runner-Up!

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Cap salary, Foes to Friends, High caliber teams

This years superbowl was one of the most exciting, surprising and left the whole crowd in the darkness. Besides being the superbowl to be remebered as “the one that had the light outs”, it was actually a very competitive and entertaining game between two elite teams in the NFL. It was full of great players on both teams, some old veterans and some new and upcoming superstars. On the Ravens team the great Ray Lewis left in style with a superbowl ring. He was amongst quarterback Jay Flacco, running back Ray Rice and wider receievr Anquan Boldin. Who are all highly noticed and respected among NFL anlyasists, fans and team owners. On the 49er’s teams many upcoming superstar players such as Colin Kapaernick who is the quarterback, along with linebacker Patrick Wilis, wide receiver Randy Moss and running back Frank Gore, who are all great players who just came short of the superbowl championships.

However during this NFL offseason many great players are starting to get released from there teams in order to make their cap salary more efficient. Along with players getting released many are also getting traded to different teams as well. The most interesting factor was the Jay Flacco increase in pay due to him playing outstanding throughout the playoffs as he didn’t even throw a single interception and led his team to victory in the superbowl. He even ended up getting the MVP for the superbowl. Due to this the major discussin was Flacco’s new salary that he would be earning. Just recently he was offered a 120 million dollar contract for 6 years. This left the Ravens negative in their salary and they had to get rid of some other players even though Ray Lewis was retiring after this season.

They eneded up trading their well-known wide reciever Anquan Boldin who played very exceptional in the superbowl and helped very much in the victory over the 49er’s. They actually traded him away to no other that the runner-ups in the NFL, the San Fransico 49er’s. When i first heard this news i couldn’t help but to laugh because he just finished whooping them in the superbowl and now he joins them. However the 49er’s are a very powerful and talented team in the NFL and i wouldn’t be surprised if they won the superbowl next season, so things are looking for Anquan Boldin who started off with Arizona Cardinals who could never even think about wininig a superbowl to wining a superbowl and now going to a teamm who is a very high contender for another one. Good luck Boldin, you deserve another ring. Not to many wide recievers play as tough and fast as you do in the NFL.


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