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It’s a Harbaugh Superbowl

Posted: January 30, 2013 in brother rivalry, nfl

Well what else is there to look forward to this weekend then a good old American tradition of a great and fun superbowl party with friends, family and loved ones. This superbowl, however, is unlike any other. First of all, all of the high caliber teams that would usually be the ‘most likely” to be in the superbowl have been eliminated. The Denver Broncos who was a favorite in many people’s views as well as the New England Patriots were eliminated by the Baltimore Ravens and the San Fransico 49ers. The two common things that these two teams share are a field to battle for the Lombardi torphy in the superbowl and also two head coaches who just happen to be brothers.

Superbowl number forty seven is going to be as exicting as it gets. There are two of the best head coaches in the NFL who share the same family going head to head. These two brothers have been around football for all there life, as there father Jack Harbaugh who was a former college football player and coach. He is know a proud father of two sons who are going up agaisnt each other in the biggest game of the year and could possibly be the biggest game of thier career. Another interesting fact about this whold situation is Ray Lewis number 52 for the Baltimore Ravens who plays middle linebacker and is also retiring after the superbowl this year, made his first career sack agaisnt the current San Francisco 49ers head coach who was a former Indianapolis Colts quarterback; Jim Harbaugh.

This sunday emotions and tension will rise in the New Orleans Saints superdome where Superbowl forty seven will be taken place this year as the the two brothers will go up agaisnt each other and showcase thier coaching abilities and showcase their teams. It will be a very physical and competitive game as both brothers share the same insight on the game and share the same thoughts as what to do in certain situations in the game. Seems like both sides are ready for the big game and got thier teams pysched up to go out and play to earn that trophy to put this game down in history as the ultimate NFL brother rivalry.