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In the mood for a real chill and easy going Friday or Saturday night to watch a good movie with some good action, lots of twists and turns with suspense that ends better than it begins. Well look no further, as soon as Robert Downey Jr. became the main character of Sherlock Holmes, these movies began to become better and better. The movie basically takes place in some hundred years back, when the real Sherlock Holmes exsisted, and he takes on the biggest crooks and theifs with no modern technology but instead by all the old school moves and always staying ahead of his targets. They are both good movies and compliment one another.

They both are packed with action and some funny moments as the character of Sherlock Holmes is not the average charcater you would normally come across. He definitely rocks to the beat of his own drum and always follows his insticnt, even if it sometimes makes him looks like a loose cannon just running around the city. He never lets anyone else define who is his or what he has to do in order to solve any of his cases. His partner, who is always annoyed and at times in doubt with holmes next move as to what to do to get to the bottom of the case makes them for the ultimate duo. Holmes is always on the go and thinking about his next move and how to slow down his target and fgure out his next move, as his partner Dr.John H. Watson is rather looking out for Holmes’s health and to stay safe and not to get into harms way, which seems to be Holmes specialty.

The two partners always seem to put on good laugh for the audiences and always seem to get to the bottom of the case in style and grace. The movies are also good in the sense where it puts all the street smarts that people don’t seem to have anymore due to all of the technology that the modern world we live in today. It also gives us a good sense of what solving a case took in the older days of civilization and the drive that detectives would have. They would do it with a certain passion and they would become the person they were hunting down.