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About one month ago I restarted my journey back to a healthy lifestyle by eating good and working out on a daily basis. This time around I feel like I am more prepared for this journey than I ever was. This is becuase about a year ago I first started this journey on eating healhty and wokring out on a daily basis, however it didn’t last no more than about 3 months and i just stoped working out and went back to my old eating habbits.

This time around I am more prepared becuase I have already failed at it once, and that is what i use for motivation to not fail at it again. I feel that when people try to make a change I understand it’s hard to stick to it, but you have to if it’s for the better. We as people are good at making exucses and putting things that we really should do today for tommorow. That’s where my favorite qoute comes in to play, ” is your 100 percent really 100 percent, don’t sell yourself short.” I feel like this qoute really hits home with me because of my previous failure on my journey to my healthy lifestyle.

You have to really think about what it is your doing and what you are trying to accomplish and at the end of the day you have to realize if you really are giving if your all and 100 percent effort. This is becuase if you are not than the only person you are cheating is yourself and no one else. Either you can be your best friend or your own worst enemy. I have learned during my workouts that you can always push yourself a little harder and you learn more about yourself while you are working out. Then that comes into play anywhere and not just in the gym, it’s the feeling of doing a better job at work, or helping out around the house on things that need to be fixed and studying a little bit longer for the exam that you have. It starts out as just working out and trying to stay in shape and it becomes into a lifestyle by just knowing how to motivate yourself and always think about going bigger and better and never slowing down or stopping.