Well what else is there to look forward to this weekend then a good old American tradition of a great and fun superbowl party with friends, family and loved ones. This superbowl, however, is unlike any other. First of all, all of the high caliber teams that would usually be the ‘most likely” to be in the superbowl have been eliminated. The Denver Broncos who was a favorite in many people’s views as well as the New England Patriots were eliminated by the Baltimore Ravens and the San Fransico 49ers. The two common things that these two teams share are a field to battle for the Lombardi torphy in the superbowl and also two head coaches who just happen to be brothers.

Superbowl number forty seven is going to be as exicting as it gets. There are two of the best head coaches in the NFL who share the same family going head to head. These two brothers have been around football for all there life, as there father Jack Harbaugh who was a former college football player and coach. He is know a proud father of two sons who are going up agaisnt each other in the biggest game of the year and could possibly be the biggest game of thier career. Another interesting fact about this whold situation is Ray Lewis number 52 for the Baltimore Ravens who plays middle linebacker and is also retiring after the superbowl this year, made his first career sack agaisnt the current San Francisco 49ers head coach who was a former Indianapolis Colts quarterback; Jim Harbaugh.

This sunday emotions and tension will rise in the New Orleans Saints superdome where Superbowl forty seven will be taken place this year as the the two brothers will go up agaisnt each other and showcase thier coaching abilities and showcase their teams. It will be a very physical and competitive game as both brothers share the same insight on the game and share the same thoughts as what to do in certain situations in the game. Seems like both sides are ready for the big game and got thier teams pysched up to go out and play to earn that trophy to put this game down in history as the ultimate NFL brother rivalry.



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Recently the Chicago Bulls have been doing very well without there star player, Derrick Rose. Much credit goes out to the team for putting in that hard work and dedication on playing well with each other and beating good ranked teams. Much credit goes out to coach Thibodeau who has been making excellent rotations with he players we have and also a couple of good trades and drafts that they have chosen in the off-season. This year we have lost Brewer, Korver and Scalibrine as players on the bulls but we got Bellineli, Robinson and Butler, and in my opinion has been playing really well in games agaisnt tough opponents as he help Kobe Bryant to only 15 points when we played the lakers and came out victorious in that game.

The Bulls have are currently in fifth place in the eastern conference just behind Brooklyn, Indiana, New York and Miami who all have their star players healthy and playing in each of their games. The Bulls have been playing with a championship on their mind each and every night. They play there hearts out because they know that once their star player, Derrick Rose, plans on coming back soon within a couple of weeks and then they can take on the whole NBA with no regrets in their mind and showcase their abilities as a team to face top ranked contenders for the title as he playoffs are coming soon.

The return of Derrick Rose has been on the minds of many Bulls fans and NBA fans around the world as he was one of the most electrifying and well-rounded scorer the NBA had to offer. He makes the United Center sold out or very close to it every time he is on the court. He brings that champion heart and determination to the Bulls and everyone on the teams steps it up when he is playing on the court. I believe that as soon as his return will be we can fight for the number one spot in the eastern conference and get the home-field adavnatage for the playoffs, the rest of the teams don’t stand a chance when he returns as most of the teams struggle agaisnt us without him, you can just imagine how it will be when he comes back.


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About one month ago I restarted my journey back to a healthy lifestyle by eating good and working out on a daily basis. This time around I feel like I am more prepared for this journey than I ever was. This is becuase about a year ago I first started this journey on eating healhty and wokring out on a daily basis, however it didn’t last no more than about 3 months and i just stoped working out and went back to my old eating habbits.

This time around I am more prepared becuase I have already failed at it once, and that is what i use for motivation to not fail at it again. I feel that when people try to make a change I understand it’s hard to stick to it, but you have to if it’s for the better. We as people are good at making exucses and putting things that we really should do today for tommorow. That’s where my favorite qoute comes in to play, ” is your 100 percent really 100 percent, don’t sell yourself short.” I feel like this qoute really hits home with me because of my previous failure on my journey to my healthy lifestyle.

You have to really think about what it is your doing and what you are trying to accomplish and at the end of the day you have to realize if you really are giving if your all and 100 percent effort. This is becuase if you are not than the only person you are cheating is yourself and no one else. Either you can be your best friend or your own worst enemy. I have learned during my workouts that you can always push yourself a little harder and you learn more about yourself while you are working out. Then that comes into play anywhere and not just in the gym, it’s the feeling of doing a better job at work, or helping out around the house on things that need to be fixed and studying a little bit longer for the exam that you have. It starts out as just working out and trying to stay in shape and it becomes into a lifestyle by just knowing how to motivate yourself and always think about going bigger and better and never slowing down or stopping.

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